Chilling Footage Catches Chicago Group Open Firing On Crowd

( – A dramatic viral video captured the moment 4 young people opened fire on a group in Chicago with automatic weapons, killing one 14-year-old boy and wounding others. One of them has been caught and he’s only 16 years old and is being charged with first-degree murder and other charges.

The footage captures the group of four slinking across an empty lot on South Wells Avenue only to jump out from behind a building before firing a barrage of gunfire at their targets who are not in the frame. Pierre Johnson, 14, was killed in the attack and two other young men, ages 18 and 19 were critically wounded. Another young woman was shot in her hand. The shooting occurred on the evening of Thursday, June 1st.

Police suspect one of the gunmen opened fire on them when they responded and he was captured and arrested. It turned out that the individual was only 16 years old. He’ll face at least 6 charges of attempted first-degree murder of police officers and a pallet of other charges. The officers who returned fire in that arrest are having their use of force investigated per department policy and will be on administrative duty for 30 days.

Police said the gunmen used “Glock switches” which allowed them to illegally modify the weapons to hold an extended magazine of up to 50 rounds. There was no motive given for the shooting.

According to police data, the number of shootings this year is down when compared to the same time last year: 887 vs 937, a dip of 6%. Murders are also down, 229 vs 243 by this time last year. However, these data games conceal the truth that these values are still historically high when compared to recent years pre-pandemic.

Plenty of time left to catch up, as the summer is typically the most violent time of the year. Crime is also unlikely to improve with Chicago recently electing soft-on-crime Brandon Johnson as mayor who continues to blame crime on nebulous concepts like ‘systemic racism’ while ignoring the lack of parenting and abundance of single mothers.

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