Christian University to Appeal $37M Federal Fine

( – Grand Canyon University (GCU) based out of Phoenix, Arizona is finding itself the target of federal scrutiny for what its representatives say is based solely on religious discrimination.

The Department of Education slapped GCU with a $37.7 million fine earlier this month after they claimed the school misled students about the cost of its doctoral programs. They also accused GCU of false advertisement, suggesting that 98% of its doctoral students pay more than advertised.

GCU was given 20 days to respond, including a request for a hearing or written appeal. The university may also have restrictions imposed on its use of federal student loan money. GCU President Brian Mueller announced their plans to appeal the fines and fight the federal government, pointing out that their fines and scrutiny are likely motivated by ulterior motives.

Mueller said that alumni, students, and faculty all were united in their opposition to the “weaponization of federal agencies” and “ideological government overreach.” He had their firm support to stand fast and fight the allegations to the fullest extent of the law. He further pointed out that Americans have come to question the judicial fairness of the government in recent years.

Mueller also countered that GCU does not lie about the costs of its programs, and is more transparent about costs than most other schools. It also hasn’t raised tuition in over fifteen years, demonstrating they are more concerned about the quality of the education they offer than chasing dollars.

The school’s press release on the subject also cites legal precedents in its favor and highlights that the DOE’s claims aren’t substantiated by findings in federal court.

Mueller further indicated that the DOE has been antagonistic toward GCU since the Biden administration took over. He figured they would be friendlier over time as they saw GCU’s high graduation rates, low tuition, and low student loan debt. Unfortunately, the opposite occurred with the DOE becoming more aggressive in its opposition to the non-profit Christian model GCU runs.

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