Every so often, we’re treated to President Obama’s musings on Christianity. Obama, who claims to be Christian himself, has frequently pontificated on the shortcomings of his fellow followers. On several occasions, he has admonished American Christians on their prideful ways, even suggesting that they may want to get off their “high horse” when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Because, you know, Christians did some bad stuff, too. 600 years ago, but still. It happened, bro.

Somehow, though, he never manages to acknowledge that Christians are facing global persecution at unprecedented levels. Maybe this is related to the fact that most of this persecution comes at the hands of Muslims. The old Obama narrative starts to fall apart when Americans realize what’s really going on in the Middle East and Africa. That’s why the State Department carefully referred to Coptic Christians slaughtered by ISIS as “Egyptian citizens” only. Best not to stir up the hornet’s nest, right?

“When ISIS is no longer said to have religious motivations nor the minorities it attacks to have religious identities, the Obama administration’s caution about religion becomes excessive,” said Daniel Philpott, a political science professor at the University of Notre Dame, in a July interview with the New York Times.

Hmm, is it caution? Is that what he’s doing? Or is his administration specifically trying to downplay the religious persecution that threatens to wipe Christianity off the map in that part of the world?

According to a new report from Catholic activists Aid to the Church in Need, the problem is severe. “At a time when numbers of displaced refugees hit an all time high, Islamist groups have carried out religiously motivated ethnic cleansing of Christians, notably in parts of Africa and the Middle East. If this continues, the Church’s survival in these regions is threatened.”

The group says this is a big problem, and not just because of the human misery being inflicted. “The decline of Christianity in many countries of concern has potentially profound significance regarding prospects for peace as Christians have traditionally been important ‘peace builders’ in society,” says the report.

Ah, but now we have Mr. Peace himself in the White House, so what do we need Christianity for? Oh, what? He made things worse?

Indeed. By championing the Arab Spring (and actively supporting it with military intervention), Obama has made life unimaginable for Christians in several Middle Eastern countries. Once protected by stable dictatorships, these Christians suddenly found themselves open targets for violence and discrimination once Islamic fundamentalists took over.

Obama’s mistake in the early Iraq withdrawal has been well documented, but that too has led to increased Christian persecution. Since ISIS achieved a foothold in the country, more than 100,000 Christians have been forced to flee their homeland. With a convert-or-die policy, the terrorists have killed, raped, and kidnapped defiant Christians who don’t comply.

And what do we hear about this? Nothing.

No, we hear about Syrian Muslim refugees instead. We hear about ill-fated migrant ships.

But the media certainly glossed over an incident in April, when Islamic migrants from Libya unceremoniously tossed 12 Christians into the sea before arriving in Italy. 15 Muslims were charged with multiple counts of homicide by Palermo police, and survivors said they would have killed more if the remaining Christians had not “formed a human chain.”

This wasn’t ISIS. This wasn’t Boko Haram. This was just a random assortment of African migrants who believed there wasn’t room on the boat for Christians.

One would think this atmosphere of fear and violence would inspire our president to do something for people of his own faith.

But then, maybe it already has.