Christie Doesn’t View Ramaswamy as a Serious Contender

( – Former New Jersey governor and current GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie continues to fire at his Republican primary rivals. This time, he’s coming for entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who Christie says he doesn’t believe is a “serious contender” in the 2024 election.

The former governor of New Jersey appeared on the Fox News show “Media Buzz” on Sunday where he was asked by host Howard Kurtz if he believes Ramaswamy can be considered a “serious contender” for the Republican nomination. Christie said “no,” that he doesn’t think Ramaswamy should be taken seriously and described the newcomer as “someone who… likes to get interviewed on TV.”

Then Christie criticized Ramaswamy’s foreign policy positions on Taiwan and Israel. He said that anyone who “wants to treat Israel like we treat any other” Middle Eastern country, “give Taiwan to the Chinese by 2028, or thinks he can convince Russian President Vladimir Putin to break alliance with Kim Jong-un and other “autocratic leaders” to befriend the US isn’t serious.

Christie took jabs at Ramaswamy during the first Republican primary debate hosted by Fox where he compared the way Ramaswamy speaks to the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGBT.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, who is also competing for the Republican nomination, criticized Ramaswamy at the first debate as well, calling him a “rookie,” joking that the country has no “time for on-the-job training.” Pence took a similar issue with Ramaswamy’s foreign policy positions as Christie, as did former UN ambassador Nikki Haley who said Ramaswamy has “no foreign policy experience.”

According to Christie, Ramaswamy “lives in his own world” and shouldn’t be taken seriously for the highest office in the land.

Ramaswamy, who has no prior political experience, is doing surprisingly well in the polls, beating out Christie, Pence, and Haley, and trailing behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and frontrunner former President Donald Trump.

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