Clarence Thomas Accused Of Major Money Scandal

( – Leftist activist organization Fix The Court is claiming Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been given over $4 million in gifts over the entirety of his career, alleging that the majority, $2.4 million, occurred over the previous two decades.

The organization compared the gifts to other SCOTUS justices and said the amount was way above the next highest amount; $175,861 acquired in gifts by former Justice Antonin Scalia. He was followed by Justice Samuel Alito ($170,095), former Justices John Paul Stevens ($79,059) and Ruth Bader Ginsberg ($55,014).

Fix The Court admitted they used estimations in their calculations, including flights on private jets that they “estimated” were worth $10,000 per hour of flight time. Thomas has been heavily scrutinized over his relationship with conservative billionaire Harlan Crow who has purchased property from Thomas as well as invited him on complementary vacations.

Republicans have suggested that the attacks against Thomas, much like those against Trump, are attempting to do reputational damage and interfere in the functioning of the government by insinuation. Democrats have used the allegations of impropriety to suggest “packing the court” or expanding the number of Justices from the original nine.

Thomas responded to the allegations by suggesting the “nastiness” of D.C. has made the nation’s capital a “hideous place” and called the suggestions of wrongdoing “lies” back in early May. Thomas called the attacks against his reputation “reckless” while acknowledging they’re “not a crime.” Thomas suggested the left was trying to “bomb” his reputation.

Famed leftist Robert Reich put out a fancy video production attempting to imply that Thomas failed to recuse himself on cases involving Donald Trump, which he suggested was a conflict of interest due to his wife’s public support for the former president. Thomas said he’d do his job and rule on the merits.

New York Judge Juan Merchan was also criticized for a conflict of interest while he oversaw Trump’s New York campaign finance case. Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan, is a fundraiser for Democrats, including the Biden-Harris campaign.

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