The United Nations Climate Summit is coming at the end of November, and the U.S. is eager to sign a treaty that will make it look as though the world is doing something about all of this nasty global warming that’s been going around.

But if recent reports are to be believed, we might be signing on to more than we bargained for. One proposal – developed by South African leaders and endorsed by China and India – is the creation of an International Tribunal of Climate Justice. No, this tribunal is not going to put the climate on trial. Instead, it will give a world court unprecedented authority over the policies of sovereign nations like the United States.

According to critics of the deal, this is just the newest way the world’s liberals intend to force wealth distribution on the U.S. They say that the treaty’s biggest proponents have already said they won’t sign the treaty unless it includes mechanisms that will steal from the rich and give to the poor. The rich being Western countries like the U.S. and the UK. The poor being anyone else, including China.

“They would like nothing better than a world where the West cedes the competitive advantages their free market economies created,” wrote Craig Rucker, the executive director of CFACT. “They hope for a future where Asia does the manufacturing and the U.S. and Europe do the importing – until their wealth runs out, anyway.”

It would be unthinkable that President Obama and John Kerry would sign anything that would erode America’s economic freedom, so that probably means they’ll jump at the chance. After all, this is right up their alley. They love giving away America’s wealth, its security, and its power in the world. They think it’s somehow a great evil that we have so much while there are starving kids in Africa. They refuse to see how beneficial American success has been to the entire world. They only see the bad.

We’re going to sign this treaty (or another one like it) so we can prove to the world how benevolent and caring we are across the sea. It’s a new day in America. An Obama day! That means we embrace weakness. We submit to the authority of any culture that is somehow less advantaged than ours. We spit on our own accomplishments and we praise those who only bring evil and chaos into the world.

And all for what? So we can appease this theory of global warming. This theory that makes wild predictions that won’t be tested until all of us are dead and gone. We’re going to save the planet!

And if we don’t…apparently…we’ll be brought up on charges.