When you cut through the liberal hysteria and even some of the idiotic nonsense coming from the NeverTrump faction of the conservative movement, you see that one of the most essential and important aspects of this administration is simple clarity on the rule of law. What better recent example than Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? This wasn’t some controversial gambit Trump pulled out of thin air; this was the fulfillment of a resolution Congress passed in 1995! Why it took 22 years and an “outsider” president to get this done? Well, just take a look at how the left is going nuts and you’ll understand.

You see the same thing when it comes to illegal immigration. Trump hasn’t gotten any new legislation passed. He hasn’t put one brick of his promised wall up on the border. But merely by enforcing the laws we already have on the books (what a novel concept), he’s managed to strike terror in the hearts of Democrats from New York to San Francisco (and very few places in between).

Now Trump officials are taking another stab at law enforcement in an attempt to get control of our very out-of-control immigration situation. Since 1997, federal authorities have used a loophole in our immigration laws to let visa violators stay in the United States well past their expiration dates. Instead of counting the length of a visitor’s overstay from the time their visa ran out, federal officials would start the count at the time they caught them. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but what else would you expect from a sprawling, pro-immigration bureaucracy?

Trump is getting ready to close that loophole and hold visa violators accountable.

By going in this direction, the president will send a clear message to anyone thinking about violating the rules of their visa. No longer will they be able to feign ignorance when caught by the authorities and squeak out another 180 days in the country without fear of a penalty. No, the moment they are caught, federal authorities will count up the days of their total overstay. And if they are already at the penalty-triggering point, then penalties they will get. Those could include banishment from the country for a time period ranging from three years to permanently, so there are obvious incentives to play by the rules.

At least, there are when those rules are enforced.

“The message is clear,” said U.S. Customs Director L. Francis Cissna. “These nonimmigrants cannot overstay their periods of admission or violate the terms of admission and stay illegally in the U.S. anymore.”

It’s sad that it took a Donald Trump to make such a message clear, but it shows you how much can be done simply by enforcing the law.