Well, they didn’t see this one coming. When Donald Trump started talking about building a wall to keep illegal aliens out of America in 2015 and 2016, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media thought for sure that at least one thing would never happen: He would never get the Mexican government to cooperate with him on that mission, and he would certainly never convince them to build his promised wall.

Well, here were are just a few years later, and CNN is lamenting the fact that even if Mexico hasn’t specifically ponied up the money for a physical wall across the border, their policies make it so they may as well have.

In a piece published on Sunday, the network argued that Mexico “already built Trump’s wall – and paid for it.”

“Mexico, some argue, actually built US President Donald Trump’s border wall after all — not with concrete or bricks or steel, but with thousands of federal forces like this camouflage-clad commander and the troops following his orders,” they wrote. “And Mexico, they argue, is paying for it.

“Yes, US taxpayers have been footing the bill for efforts to build new physical barriers at the US-Mexico border,” they continued. “But experts note that Mexico’s massive deployment of National Guard troops over the past few months has played a major role in blocking migrants from reaching the US border in the first place. It’s a point Trump himself has made at several recent events — a dramatic change in tone from his sharp criticisms of Mexico earlier this year.”

Now, under ordinary circumstances, one might expect people to be happy that two governments are working in tandem to stop the flow of illegal activity across the border. If this were Obama, for instance, we’re sure this triumph of diplomacy would be heralded as a new age of international cooperation. But since the president in question is Trump and the subject in question is illegal immigration, it’s all very horrible and regretful.

“Nearly 15,000 troops are deployed to Mexico’s northern border, where they’ve set up 20 checkpoints, Mexican Defense Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval said last week at a press briefing on the country’s security strategy. At the southern border, 12,000 troops are deployed and have set up 21 checkpoints,” the network reported glumly.

This is far from a permanent solution to the woes that illegal immigration is visiting upon our country, but it’s much better than what we were dealing with at this time last year. But CNN and the Democrats want anything BUT a heartily-enforced border, so we’re of course going to pretend this is some new chapter in the unending horror of Trump’s “fascist” presidency.

Rule of thumb: If CNN thinks a development is unfortunate, it probably means we’re better off as a country.