The James Comey memos, released by the Justice Department last week, not only revealed that Robert Mueller has a less-than-zero chance of indicting President Trump on obstruction of justice charges, but they also shed light on just how and why the infamous Steele Dossier originally came to represent the Russia investigation in the public consciousness.

As you may remember, no one had ever heard of this mysterious dossier until December 2016, when CNN reported that President-elect Trump and President Obama had been briefed on the salacious document by intelligence officials. Shortly thereafter, BuzzFeed took the extraordinary step of actually publishing the dossier in full. Suddenly, the “Trump colluded with the Russians” narrative, up till then only believed by a handful of kooks in the far-left online media, was all over the place. Thanks in part, of course, to one piece of “intelligence” above all – a dossier-derived tidbit about hookers, the Moscow Ritz-Carlton, and the things done with urine behind closed doors.

One question never answered about that dossier was why the intelligence community felt the need to inform Trump and Obama about it at all. This was a piece of garbage-level political propaganda bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign – none of it verified and much of it quite silly. Much later on, of course, we found out that the Department of Justice had relied on that unverified, silly document to secure a warrant to spy on an American citizen – Carter Page. But at the time, it seemed odd that this trash would even be on the FBI’s radar, much less be something they felt the need to brief the incoming president on.

Thanks to the Comey memos, though, we now know why he thought it necessary to bring the dossier to Trump’s attention. Documenting his first encounter with the president-elect, Comey writes: “I said the Russians allegedly had tapes involving him and prostitutes at the Presidential Suite at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow from about 2013. I said media like CNN had [the allegations] and were looking for a news hook.”

Now, from Comey’s perspective, we’re assuming he’s telling Trump that he wants to let him know about this dossier because, hey, CNN is getting ready to run this thing so you should probably be up to speed. But, considering that this briefing gave CNN the go-ahead to actually run the story, you have to wonder what came first: the chicken or the egg? Was Comey getting out ahead of a story that was going to run regardless, or was he practically doing CNN’s dirty work and giving them a premise on which to call this dossier “news?”

Either way, it shows you that CNN, even before the president took office, was playing a role in not just reporting on this administration but actually shaping the course of it. It’s more evidence that these liberals are all in it together…if you needed any more of that.