CNN was already doing…not so well…before the release of the Mueller report. But in the wake of that report’s findings – namely, that CNN’s primetime hosts had been lying to their viewers about Russian collusion for the last two years straight – things have really taken a turn for the worse.

According to the latest ratings, CNN’s evening lineup brought in 26% fewer viewers this April than a year ago this month. This brought their total primetime television audience to only about 767,000 while their major competitors – MSNBC and Fox News – are sporting ratings well north of a million and two million respectively.

Now it’s anyone’s guess why MSNBC, which is leftwing central, has been able to escape ratings hell. They certainly pushed the collusion theory at least as hard as CNN. Our only guess is that people were still under the mistaken impression that CNN was operating as an independent, unbiased news source? With MSNBC, the mask is off. If you can’t tell you’re watching left-wing programming when you turn into the Rachel Maddow Show, something is wrong with your brain. Maybe it’s a little tougher to figure out when you’re watching Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo? Who knows.

Not only did CNN post much lower ratings than they scored last year at this time, April’s performance puts them at their lower total viewer total in four years. They haven’t seen numbers this low since October of 2015. It would appear that, for CNN at least, the Trump Bump has come to a crashing end.

Maybe they should have used this time period to prove to viewers what a fine, upstanding news organization they were. Instead of, you know, turning themselves into the “Macho Man” Randy Savage to President Trump’s Hulk Hogan. The Mueller report was the three-count, and the feud is over.

Why bother to keep tuning in?