CNN’s resident race huckster, W. Kamau Bell, came in to promote a new season of “United Shades of America” on Chris Cuomo’s program Friday night, and the two of them had a grand old time telling viewers how disgustingly racist and oppressive the country is.

According to Bell, whose show will delve into the topic of “white supremacy” on Monday night, one need look no further than the coronavirus infection rates to see just how racist the U.S. is.

“We’ve got to do better than is and we see it in the pandemic also,” Cuomo said about white supremacy in America. “Who’s getting sick more? Poor, brown. Who’s dying more? Poor, brown. Who has to work more? Poor, brown. It’s part of social justice. How do you take it on?”

Bell was all too happy to oblige Cuomo with an answer.

“I think we really have to be honest about the fact that the people who are getting sick the most, the poor black folks as you’re saying, the poor brown folks as you’re saying, the poor indigenous folks, the system is designed to make sure they get sick ‘cause they’re on the bottom,” he said. “I mean, the system is built on top of us as we talk about in the episode. This is how the system is designed to work. We have to really invest in tearing the system down and starting over if you want things to change.”

Oh boy.

God save us from leftists and racial opportunists who want to “tear down the system” to make America fairer for people of color. Take a glance through history and tell us how it goes when people decide they can make their nations better by ripping everything down and starting from scratch. Tell us how it goes when a new crop of politicians/revolutionaries show up, ready to make paradise out of hell.

Start with Cuba.

Then take a stroll through Venezuela’s history.

Then head over to the Soviet Union and tell us what you find.

Take a glance at China during the reign of Mao.

Explain to us how tearing down America’s “system” and replacing it with whatever Marxist fever dream these people are promoting will be any different from those examples. Please, we’d love to know.

It is obvious to any thoughtful individual with a thimbleful’s worth of common sense that this effort to turn white people into America’s Great Evil will end in utter disaster. Unfortunately, as has been noted so many times, common sense ain’t all that common.