CNN’s Brian Stelter is deeply confused. Only a week after he made the outrageous claim that only right-wing media was perpetuating the idea that Joe Biden shouldn’t debate President Donald Trump – a claim quickly refuted by Twitter users who pointed out the endless onslaught of left-wing sources saying that very thing – he was on the air spreading an even more outlandish opinion. Namely, that while there are right-wing media companies out there whose sole purpose is to denigrate Biden, there exists no such entities on the other side!

He said this on CNN!

On Sunday, Stelter was talking to Errin Haines, whose website The 19th is supposed to be a nonpartisan source for news. You don’t have to spend much time flicking through its headlines to see through that ridiculous notion, but we digress.

Stelter asked Haines: “When you see entire media companies essentially exist to tear down Joe Biden, is there an equivalent of that on the left, tearing down Trump?”

“There really isn’t,” confirmed Haines.

What…what can you even say about such a claim? What is the purpose of CNN, if not to tear down Trump? What can you say about The New York Times? MSNBC? The Washington Post? Slate? Salon? The Huffington Post? Teen Vogue? NBC/CBS/ABC? The Los Angeles Times? The Daily Beast? The New York Daily News? NPR?

We understand that Stelter is a TDS-infected corporate drone, but how do you get to the point that you can even ask a question like this while keeping a straight face?

The only answer that we can come up with is that he actually believes it. That seems hard to imagine, but the alternative is to believe that he’s an extraordinary actor. Well, we’ve watched Stelter enough to know that he’s not an extraordinary anything, unless it’s possible to be exceptionally buffoonish. Even on that score, he is regularly outdone by CNN’s Chief White House Clown Jim Acosta. Stelter is just vaguely pathetic, like that little Looney Tunes dog that’s always yapping and trying to get the big bulldog’s attention.

Even so, if he keeps making imbecilic points like this one, we suppose he’ll make some sort of name for himself inside the annals of CNN.

Whatever that’s worth.