Apparently, anything goes on late night network television these days, as long as the “anything” in question is aimed at Donald Trump, Republicans, or anyone who could reasonably be affiliated with them.

Not that long ago, Stephen Colbert would have been unceremoniously kicked off the airwaves for referring to the President of the United States as Vladimir Putin’s “c–k holster.” You wouldn’t even have to wait for the complaints to come rolling in. You wouldn’t have to allege that the term was offensive to the LGBT community. You wouldn’t have to do a thing. Colbert would be committing career suicide on national television.

Now, it’s no surprise that those days are long behind us, but it’s still remarkable that the FCC will not fine CBS and Colbert as much a single dollar for the offensive monologue of May 1, even though they reportedly received thousands of complaints from viewers. The federal body announced Tuesday that Colbert did nothing wrong – “nothing actionable under FCC rules,” as they put it.

Terrific. The moral decline of America continues on.

But this isn’t even about moral decline. Not really. This is about politics. Because you can bet your bottom dollar that if Colbert had referred to Hillary Clinton as Putin’s “c–k holster,” it would be a different story. Same if he’d referred to a gay Democrat with that epithet. Oh, then we would be told that Colbert’s terminology had risen to the level of “hate speech” and there would be picketers outside his New York City studios to this day.

Oh, and here’s something else.

For eight years, we were told that conservatives were hateful RACISTS for not giving President Barack Obama the respect owed to the commander-in-chief. Now, this was already ludicrous at the time, considering how liberals talked about George W. Bush for the preceding eight years, but let’s put that aside. Let’s just talk about the way they “joke” about Trump, which has dragged our political discourse into new depths. When they aren’t mocking his hair, skin, and fashion, they’re insinuating that he has an incestuous relationship with his daughter. They mock his son as being autistic, they make fun of his weight, they tell us he’s illiterate, and then, when they tire of the cheap insults, they tell us he’s the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

But when people wondered about Hillary Clinton’s health, it was a sexist tragedy. Oh. Okay.

Beyond the obvious double-standard, just marvel at how outraged and desperate the left is to take Trump down. It’s gone way beyond the usual partisan divide and has become something almost un-American in its ferocity. It’s actually a bit sick and depraved, to be honest.

But hey, the FCC says it’s just fine, so we guess there are still unplumbed depths. Can’t wait to see how far they can sink.