College Students Gripe About Geosciences Syllabus

( – Sooner or later woke nonsense will be the only thing taught in academia. While it could be expected that you’d find liberal professors in the social sciences, over time the miasma of racial and gender ideologies that have come into vogue in the last decade or so has slowly infiltrated almost every academic subject, and now a master’s thesis student is arguing that geoscience needs to get woke.

Willa Rowan argued in her thesis, “A Mixed-Methods Study of Geoscience Identity, Race/Ethnicity, and Gender in Senior Undergraduate Geoscience Majors,” that ethnic minorities are discriminated against and constrained in the field. She further argued that systemic racism and microaggressions were a feature of the field, as is the presence of too many white people.

Some of her arguments made little sense. For example, Rowan claims white colleagues had better “geoscience identities” than minorities. For her thesis, she surveyed only 137 senior students in the field to draw the above conclusions.

Rowan also claimed that minorities, women, and gender-nonconforming students had a greater chance of reporting mental health issues or feeling inadequate.

She lamented that the field did not include “Indigenous knowledge” or names of locations when referencing particular landmarks or other geology formations in their coursework. Rowan found it “insulting” that the previous occupants of the land are not specifically referenced when discussing things like Yosemite and the geyser known as Old Faithful.

Rowan included comments from those she surveyed who complained the subject was academically difficult and has a heavy emphasis on rocks.

She offered several recommendations, including listening to minority students while holding offenders of wrong-think accountable, but she gave no detailed clarification about what these terms mean.

Rowan also wants to adjust the curriculum to enhance equity and inclusivity. She also suggested that universities hire more “BIPOC” faculty, which is an abbreviation for “black, indigenous, people of color,” and improve retention and mentoring programs for this specific minority of hires.

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