We swear, every time we think we’ve heard the worst of the campus snowflake stories, we read something that throws us right back into a tailspin of shock and horror. How is it that these young adults actually expect to be able to cope with the real world when they graduate? ARE they going to graduate? Do they even possess the self-determination that will allow them to push themselves through the long nights of studying and the hard work it takes to actually get a college degree? Or are these losers destined to drop out, blame systemic racism for their failures, and join the March for $15 so they can support their families on a Burger King cashier’s salary? We don’t know the answers to those questions, but they’re worth looking into.

The latest travesty comes to us from Brooklyn College, where the Director of Public Safety is asking NYPD officers to use bathrooms far out of the way so that students won’t see them on campus. Why would this matter? Well, the DPS – Donald Wenz – says it comes down to the students feeling uncomfortable about seeing a police presence.

“I know students from every background and across every major,” Wenz said in the student newspaper. “They don’t feel comfortable around cops. It makes safe spaces feel not so safe.”

According to the newspaper, Wenz made his plea to the NYPD after screening the movie “Watched” for students on campus. In the movie, a New York police informant spends time on campus surveilling Muslim students as part of the city’s counterterrorism program. When the screening was finished, students came forward to express their thoughts about whether or not cops should be allowed at Brooklyn College.

“I disagree with them being on campus. Especially allowing them to use the building where student groups are held,” one student said.

Unbelievable. Like, what is happening to these kids? Is this real life? Did they come to college all screwed up in the head already, or is this something their liberal professors have done to them with (undoubtedly biased) films like “Watched”? Whatever the case, we have a deep fear about where all of this is leading. Because when it comes to “progressives,” it’s always leading somewhere. That’s the whole point. It’s always getting…ahem…better, right? They always want to push it a little further into their imagined, idealistic future utopia. And that means that today’s insanity is tomorrow’s accepted way of things. And then the left edge of the insanity gets a little more insane.

It may seem hard to believe right now, but we’ve got a feeling that these campus liberals are going to get a lot crazier before they come back to reality. That is, if they ever do.