U.S.-Russia relations have been deteriorating for some time, but this week things took a sharp turn for the worse. On Monday, the Obama administration announced that the U.S. would be pulling out of bilateral negotiations with Moscow regarding a cease-fire in Syria. Both State Department spokesman John Kirby and Secretary of State John Kerry said that it was a decision they did not come to “lightly.”

“Yesterday, as most of you saw, the United States announced our decision to suspend the bilateral discussions with Russia on the re-institution of the cessation of the hostilities agreement,” Kerry said Tuesday in Brussels. “I want to be very, very clear to everybody: We are not giving up on the Syrian people. We are not abandoning the pursuit of peace. We are not going to leave the multilateral field. We are going to continue to try to find a way forward in order to end this war.”

The U.S. claims that Russia did not negotiate in good faith, refusing to quell the assault on Aleppo even temporarily and preventing supplies and humanitarian workers from getting to Syrians suffering from the non-stop conflict.

“Together, the Syrian regime and Russia, seem to have rejected diplomacy in furtherance of trying to pursue a military victory over the broken bodies, the bombed-out hospitals, the traumatized children of a long-suffering land,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

The Russians, meanwhile, claim that the White House is to blame for the rift.

Russian Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Konstantin Kosachev said, “Russia has striven for continuing dialogue with the US on Syria until the last moment, and only our position was keeping the chance to launch a stable peace process alive.”

The end of the talks puts a Russia/America military alliance in Syria even further away. Had the two countries reached an agreement, they could have worked together to destroy ISIS and Al Nusra, the terrorist organizations trying to take the country in the name of Islam. Instead, they will continue to work around each other at semi-cross purposes that leave us no closer to a peaceful resolution. Worse, the door remains wide open for a true catastrophe: Military conflict between the U.S. and Russia.

There are already signs of trouble. After the announcement from Washington, the Putin administration announced they were pulling out of an arms reduction agreement with the U.S. due to the latter’s “unfriendly actions” towards them.

And according to Fox News, Moscow has implemented a high-tech missile defense system in Syria for the first time:

While the purpose is not clear, one US official asked sarcastically, “Nusra doesn’t have an air force do they?”

While it would probably be ridiculous to put all of the blame for this on Kerry and Obama, it’s clearer than ever that we need a fresh perspective in the White House. The course we’re on will not end well.