Comer Announces New Plan To Go After Bidens

( – House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-OH) won’t take no for an answer. Despite repeated attempts by the FBI, the IRS, Treasury Department, as well as the corporate press to obfuscate, delay, and conceal the facts about President Joe Biden’s alleged international money laundering and influence-peddling, Comer is continuing to advance the investigation.

Comer is now promising more witnesses and documentary evidence to conclusively demonstrate that Joe Biden used multiple companies as well as his own family as intermediaries to receive cash payments from sources overseas.

Comer reports that the IRS refused to investigate money laundering or shell companies, strictly focusing on tax evasion by Hunter Biden. The FBI famously denied the existence and then refused to release an unredacted version of a 1023 form with serious and credible allegations that then-VP Biden took $5 million bribes while in office.

President Joe Biden didn’t appreciate a question regarding the matter asked by a reporter. Biden snapped at the journalist who posed a question about the “big guy” reference used by Tony Bobulinski and James Gillar independently, with the FBI informant now also reporting the use of the nickname for Joe Biden. Calling it a “dumb question,” Biden smiled from a panel where he expected to discuss junk fees.

Comer added that they found payments originating from China and Romania that went through a web of holding companies and intermediaries before arriving in the bank accounts of “the big guy” or one of his many family members.

Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) tore into FBI Director Christopher Wray while they had the latter under oath. The FBI had evidence of the bribery scheme years ago, first acquiring the testimony about the $5 million bribe in 2020. The information would still be concealed behind a wall of administrative obfuscation if not for the investigation by the House Oversight Committee.

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