Community Outraged After Death Of K-9

( – A small town in Missouri is brimming with anger and resentment after a local K-9 or police dog died from heat exhaustion after being left in a hot car overnight on June 20. Savannah Police Chief David Vincent told members of the local press that the death was being treated as an accident after confirming the details on Sunday. Vincent also said that they’re continuing to investigate the situation.

Named after the Egyptian hawk-headed god “Horus,” the dog was a beloved member of the community evidenced by the outpouring of criticism and anger on social media. An appropriate name for a police dog, Horus was the god of sky, war, and protection from harm. Depicted as a fierce warrior, Horus was invoked by ancient Egyptians for protection from harm and success in battle.

The temperature range last week varied between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit in and around Savannah at the time of Horus’ death. Weather monitors report a heat index as high as 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs and small children should never be left unaccompanied in a hot car, the effect is equivalent to putting them into an oven. Air conditioning, leaving windows down, and regular monitoring are all components of responsible care for pets and children when the possibility of overheating in a parked car is real.

Savannah is so small that their police department only has 3 officers and Horus was largely considered the fourth member of the department by the community.

Outraged locals took to the department’s Facebook page to express themselves, many commenting on a post from Sunday which featured a missing dog being spotted in town. One commenter suggested the post was a deflection from the “excruciating death” suffered by Horus. Another highlighted that the pictured dog wasn’t locked in a hot car, which “would be criminal.” A third suggested that the death was a negligent homicide and suggested the handler responsible, who’s not been identified publicly, get “life in prison” for the misdeed.

Users also began to comment on an older post for 2023 where Horus was celebrated for his service during National Police K-9 Day.

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