Congress Probes Controversial $3B Loan from Biden Admin

( – Reporting by the Washington Free Beacon claims that the Biden administration gave a $3 billion loan to a solar power company that has allegedly scammed geriatric Americans struggling with dementia.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) are the ranking Republicans on the House and Senate energy committees. They’re asking the Department of Energy to release all pertinent records pertaining to the loan to Sunnova Energy and they want it by December 21st.

The move comes after the Beacon had previously reported on the accusation that the company had scammed elderly patients into signing multi-year leases for solar panels with the company. The shocking report detailed contracts costing tens of thousands of dollars made with homeowners who were in poor health.

The lawmakers highlighted how the DOE’s Loan Programs Office may have had prior knowledge of the complaints before issuing the loan. They’re asking the director of that office, Jigar Shah, to produce documentation regarding the deal. They also want to know who was responsible for approving the loan, and whether or not they were aware of the disturbing sales tactics.

The $3 billion loan was the largest loan from the federal government to a private entity in history. It was intended to aid Sunnova’s financing for solar panel installations to “disadvantaged homeowners and communities,” according to their statements. The announcement of the loan came in September.

Barrasso and McMorris Rodgers also said there were over 1,000 complaints against Sunnova in Puerto Rico, including claims that they misled customers regarding the impact on their electric bills.

Texas resident Terry Blythe told reporters with the Beacon that her 86-year-old father who suffers with dementia was persuaded by a Sunnova salesman who came to his door to sign a 25-year lease for solar panels back in 2020. She ended up having to resolve the contract, valued at $34,000.

Another woman from Texas, Mary Loller, said her senile father was sold a $60,000 system in the last few months of his life for the tiny mobile home he was living in at the time. Sunnova put a lien on the house after his death, blocking them from liquidating the property.

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