Is the FBI still needed to control crime, or has it become a threat to the freedom and civil rights of Americans and needs to be declawed? This question lies at the core of the calls to defund the FBI, coming from many conservatives who were left shocked and alarmed after the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

The shadowy practices of the FBI go way back into the agency’s timeline, but since President Trump stepped into the Oval Office in early 2017, the FBI has been shown actively engaging in teaming up with liberals to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump. The 3 year-long Russia-collusion stories of the leftist politicians and media was shown to be nothing more than the lies of the Hillary Clinton team facilitated by the politically-aligned FBI officials.

What the FBI did during and after Trump’s presidency further stained its reputation; from the kidnap plot of Michigan’s Governor to crackdown on conservatives using the excuse of the January 6 capitol protest, the FBI’s consistent political action against conservatives, particularly Trump-supporting Americans, has been beyond outrageous.

In wake of the recent raid on Mar-a-Lago, many conservatives around the country have started asking for defunding the FBI. They are convinced – and for good reason – that the agency has gone rogue and is a whip of the liberal establishment that is programmed to target and silence conservatives. The August 16 editorial in wrote:

And it’s clear we need to create an entirely new, de-politicized agency built from the ground up.

On social media, “Defund The FBI” has trended recently as conservatives took to tweeting and posting memes that call out the FBI-Democrat alliance. One such meme on Twitter portrays the FBI as the Democrats’ KGB.

However, the conservative camp is not unanimous in its activism to defund the FBI. There are those who want to see the agency reformed. In his August 16 op-ed, top-rated Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson criticized the FBI and acknowledged that public trust in the bureau has plummeted. However, he rejected the idea of defunding the FBI and wrote:

We need the FBI. You can’t just defund federal law enforcement.

Carlson emphasized the FBI needs to be reformed to make it trustworthy again, but he didn’t elaborate on how such reform can be achieved with or without defunding it. John Nantz, a retired  FBI Special Agent, and former Deputy Sheriff dived deeper into the issue and questioned what would replace the FBI in case it was defunded.

Writing an op-ed in, Nantz offered the example of the Bush administration’s attempt to disband the FBI.

Bush’s response to calls for disbanding the FBI was the creation of yet another level of massive bureaucracy, the Department of Homeland Security. This behemoth makes the FBI look like a small-town sheriff’s office.

Nantz reminded us that reformation makes more sense than annihilation and suggested that appointing the right person as the FBI Director can help turn the agency around toward the needed reformation.