Controversial Figure Offers To Train Elon Musk For Combat

( – Controversial influencer of the so-called “manosphere” and former kickboxer Andrew Tate extended an offer to Elon Musk this week to train him after he recently challenged Mark Zuckerberg to a formal cage match.

Tate was banned from all major social media platforms, but last year Musk reinstated him on Twitter along with many other banned users after Musk bought the company and started to change the platform’s policies.

On a Twitter post, Tate said that Meta banned him “for telling the truth about vaccines” and that now honor can be restored by striking “at the enemy clans leader,” referring to Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.

It all started when Musk commented on a story about Meta’s potential plans to develop a platform similar to Twitter that would directly compete with Musk, who said he was “sure Earth can’t wait” to be under Zuckerberg’s thumb “exclusively… with no other options.” A user pointed out to Musk that Zuckerberg now trains in jiu-jitsu and told the Twitter CEO he better “be careful.” Musk responded to the comment that he would be willing to step into the cage with Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg was asked about Musk’s tweet and said he would also be willing to fight, to which Musk responded that he was serious and “will do it.”

Musk never responded to the offer. The day after Tate’s offer to train Musk, he was charged in Romanian court with sexual assault, human trafficking, and the exploitation of women through gang activity. The 36-year-old influencer and his brother Tristan Tate were arrested in Romania in December, along with two women from Romania facing charges in the case.

Tate has amassed almost 7 million followers on Twitter and is popular among young men who seem to lack father figures and male role models.

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