Convicted Predator Attempts to Sue Mustard Company

( – A convicted predator who attempted to have adult relations with a 13-year-old girl is suing a mustard company, claiming their advertising and label are deceptive and misleading. His civil suit seeks $450,000 in damages and is one of multiple lawsuits filed by David Lettieri, 36, while he’s behind bars. Lettieri is currently awaiting sentencing for his conviction on an enticement charge. The conviction comes with a decade-long mandatory minimum sentence.

He was busted in October 2020 after traveling almost 200 miles to hang out with a 13-year-old. The two had made plans to engage in adult activities in a park, per statements by the prosecutors with the Western District of New York Attorney’s Office.

Lettieri’s latest lawsuit claims the nutritional information and ingredients list on Salad Fresh Four In One Mustard packets is insufficient. In his filing, which was written with multiple misspellings of common words like customer (“custumers”), he also suggested he was unaware of what turmeric was while it’s a common spice with numerous health benefits anyone can read about with a simple web search.

Lettieri has filed roughly two dozen civil suits while he’s awaiting sentencing. In all of them, Lettieri represents himself as legal counsel. They all have numerous grammatical and spelling errors.

District Judge Lawrence Vilardo has “strongly cautioned” Lettieri against filing further motions or other suits suggesting he may be liable for fines and further penalties. He was convicted on the enticement charge in June 2023 by a jury of his peers.

His trial featured evidence that he had traveled across New York state to meet the minor and engage in adult activities. They found a detailed discourse between him and the minor child on her phone, specifically the two talked over Facebook Messenger. Their interactions included asking for adult photographs and Lettieri sending a picture of himself to her which authorities used as evidence in his trial. Thankfully he was arrested before any adult contact could occur. The pair had been chatting for nearly a month.

Lettieri explicitly told FBI agents that he was there to meet the girl for adult activities after waiving his Miranda rights. He claimed in those conversations that he was trying to talk the girl out of engaging in adult activities, suggesting he was a “good Samaritan.”

The case was in and out of court as Lettieri went through six different lawyers. He was ultimately convicted in June 2023.

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