Cops Install Camera To Track UFO Event

( – There’s been an interesting new development in the recent Las Vegas UFO story: Police have installed cameras outside the residence of the family who reported seeing alien beings in their backyard last week.

On the night of April 30 and the morning of May 1, a family in Las Vegas claimed they saw strange beings in their backyard after a light was seen falling from the sky and they heard an explosion of some kind.

The main witness claims he saw a creature at least 8 feet tall with large shining eyes, a large mouth, and green/gray skin, and that he was paralyzed temporarily and heard the creature’s breathing. When he was able to move again, the man ran to the house and called 911.

Police cam footage from the night shows the officer speaking with the family themselves, after which he goes around the neighborhood asking others if they saw any strange beings. The officer also mentions his partner seeing the same light fall from the sky, which is what made him take the family seriously.

According to a neighbor who interviewed the family for his podcast, the cameras were installed by police on the family’s property to protect them from anyone who may show up to bother them about the sighting.

NASA made a statement about the falling light on Tuesday, claiming it was a small meteor.

This story seems to have generated a newfound interest in the UFO topic, as well as a story published by Debrief about an intelligence official whistleblower who claims the government has secret groups nested within special access programs that are tasked with recovering exotic technology of non-human intelligence and reverse-engineering it.

The Pentagon, who cleared the whistleblower to share his testimony, says the claims could not be substantiated but welcomed other current or former government employees and contractors to come forward.

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