The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Monday that community colleges such as those in Maricopa County may no longer offer recipients of DACA special in-state resident tuition rates, seeing as how these students not only fail to qualify as legal Arizona residents but are, indeed, not even legal residents of the United States of America. The ruling did not come as a terrible surprise considering the above fact, but activists for illegal immigrants were nonetheless hysterical as they treated the ruling as another blow to the civil rights of people who aren’t actually supposed to be in this country in the first place.

DACA recipient and activist Korina Iribe said the ruling would mean that fewer illegal immigrants will be able to afford tuition at Arizona schools. “Unfortunately,” she said, “a decision was made to block access to education for deserving Arizona students.”

No, it wasn’t. While we wouldn’t necessarily have a problem if a court ruled that illegal immigrants have such access blocked, that’s not what the ruling does. It simply says that Dreamers must pay either the usual out-of-state rates for tuition or at least the reduced rates offered to out-of-state residents who graduate from Arizona high schools. It does nothing whatsoever to “block access to education.”

The fact that these illegal immigrants believe they deserve in-state tuition rates is another example of how much entitlement there is in this community.

The state attorney general, Mark Brnovich, said that while he was sympathetic to immigrants who wanted to obtain an education, it was not his place to make moral judgments about the law. “It’s about time someone held [colleges] accountable, and that’s my job,” he said. “My role as AG is to make sure you’re following the law. What makes this country unique and great is that the rule of law means something.”

We can’t say we’re particularly clamoring for the Trump administration to round up Dreamers and deport them back to their countries of origin, but we’ll be damned if that wouldn’t at least reset the conversation about these entitled, confused BRATS. These illegal immigrants, due to the Obama administration’s foolishness, have begun to believe that they are actually American citizens in all but name. No. You aren’t. You HAVE no rights. You HAVE no claim to this land. You ARE NOT a citizen in any way, shape, or form. And if you would realize that and stop trying to push for something over and above what this country has already GRACIOUSLY given you, well, you might actually get the amnesty you want.

Keep pushing, though, and you might get something else.