In a fiery speech in front of the CPAC convention in Maryland on Saturday, President Donald Trump scoffed at his potential opponents in the fall, even at one point taking an informal poll of attendees – asking them to “scream like hell” for the candidate he should run against in the fall. In other words, make some noise for the candidate most likely to be crushed by the MAGA movement in November. He gave the crowd two choices: Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

So excited was the crowd for the possibility of facing Sanders that they actually stood up and gave him a standing ovation!

If you’re a Democrat excited for the socialist revolution, you might want to take this response into consideration.

Or don’t. Your choice.

To be frank, it really doesn’t matter that much. Trump would probably trounce Sanders in a historic landslide, but we’re pretty confident that he’s going to defeat any of these clowns if they win the nomination. Judging from how Trump was talking about them on Saturday, he seems pretty sure of his chances as well.

“That was probably the worst debate performance of any presidential debate,” Trump said of Michael Bloomberg’s Las Vegas performance. “Boy, did Pocahontas destroy him. She was really mean to Mini Mike, I’ll tell you, the way she treated him. He’s going ‘oh, get me off the stage.’”

Trump then crouched behind the podium to match Bloomberg’s diminutive height, drawing laughter from the audience.

Trump also took a swipe at Biden.

“Joe’s not going to be running the government — he’s going to be sitting in a home somewhere,” Trump said.

Beyond those three? Well, who actually cares, right? Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar are – at best – two days away from declaring the end of their campaigns, if there is any sense left in the world. There’s only so far you can go in the race before you no longer have a path to the nomination. We suspect that Warren and Klobuchar have already passed that point, but they apparently need a trouncing on Super Tuesday to drill it into their heads. Buttigieg will probably be close behind them. And while Bloomberg can afford to keep running all the way to the convention without picking up any delegates, surely his personal shame will keep him from doing so. The polls aren’t looking good for the former mayor.

That leaves Biden and Bernie. We know which one Republicans would like to see Trump destroy. We’ll see who the Democratic voters choose.