We’d have to imagine by now that leaders in the Democrat Party are eager to avoid any mention of the “I” word in conjunction with President Donald Trump. To be fair, congressional leaders like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi – both of whom know exactly what they do and do not “have” on the president – have been warning junior members of Congress for months that they should go easy on calls for impeachment. Not only do they recognize the simple fact that impeachment would be roadblocked by the Republican majority, they understand deep down that there is absolutely nothing in evidence that would make the case for removing Trump from office. Unfortunately for them, “we don’t like him” is not a valid reason to impeach a sitting president.

God knows, Obama wouldn’t have lasted a year.

But there’s one member of Congress who can’t get simple facts through her thick head. Perhaps it’s all of that James Brown-esque hair getting in the way. We are talking about Crazy Maxine Waters, of course, one of California’s least lovable exports. At a California Democratic Party convention this weekend, Waters told thousands of liberal activists to “get ready for impeachment.”

And yeah, we agree; it’s probably time for us to boot Waters out of office.

Oh, that’s not what she meant? Hmm.

“I say it is time to get ready for impeachment,” Waters said to enthusiastic cheers from her audience of imbeciles. “I cannot wait and I’m counting on special counsel Mueller to connect the dots. I believe he’s getting closer to discovering what Americans were and are involved in collusion with the Russians.”

There ought to be a law against a sitting congressman going out and inciting Americans with false and speculative information like this. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Mueller is “getting closer” to anything that would result in the indictment, impeachment, or even censure of President Donald Trump. If anything, the indictments he’s handed down over the last couple of weeks indicates that while his investigation is speeding to its conclusion, those conclusions have little or nothing to do with the president. We certainly hope that Democrat voters will be satisfied when all of this is said and done and the biggest fish they have to fry is Paul Manafort, because that’s what this is beginning to look like.

Certainly, though, that isn’t what people like Crazy Maxine have been out there promising.