Hillary Clinton, who cleverly managed to make sure a new documentary about her debuted on Hulu at exactly the time that Democrats would otherwise be paying attention to the primaries, was on CNN promoting the new movie on Sunday when the conversation turned to America’s ongoing sexism – one of 8,345 reasons why Trump won in 2016, of course.

“Do you think that the United States today is still misogynistic in many aspects of its life?” asked host Fareed Zakaria, sending Clinton a softball.

“I think that the unconscious biases that exist in our society, in any society, even ones where on paper they have advanced much further with things like paid family leave, for example, paid child care and the like to empower women to make their own choices,” Clinton said. “That still is at work. The double standard, particularly in public life and not only in political public life but business life, the life of the media and the arts and so much else, yes, there is some absolute misogyny that certainly lives online.

“It’s kind of deep in the DNA what we expect women to be,” she continued. “We’re okay with kind of opening the doors and allowing our daughters, our granddaughters, you know, to get great educations, compete for great jobs, but there’s still something inside that when a woman says, wait a minute, I would like to lead, I’d like to be in charge, I’d like to be your president or chief executive or whatever it might be — little alarm bells, little unconscious alarm bells start to ring.”

Good grief. This woman was one of the most powerful First Ladies in history, a senator for the State of New York, the Secretary of State, a bestselling author, and damn near the President of the United States…but there’s some problem with misogyny in this country? If she’d won another 80,000 votes in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, she would have been president. Would that mean that misogyny was suddenly cured? Or would she just take it as a sign that she’s that damn good?

If the Democratic Party had put forward an electrifying woman with good ideas and overflowing charisma to run for president this year, it would be one thing. But to keep hearing this “sexism” drumbeat because the lying, schoolmarmish, woke grandma Elizabeth Warren didn’t win the nomination is ridiculous. Granted, the guys who outlasted her aren’t much better, but someone’s got to win the thing. Even when there were 600 candidates in the race, none of them were worth a damn.

And frankly, even if there is an element of sexism at play, what good does it do to whine about it? Are you going to make people less sexist by constantly berating them for it? Seems like you could find a better use for your time.

We’ll resist the urge to offer suggestions.