Crowd Erupts After Trans Girl Wins Athletic Event

( – It appears the tide is turning on “transgenderism” in America as more and more people are losing patience with the presence of males in female sports and spaces. The latest sign of a potential incoming cultural shift happened in Oregon when a trans-identifying male was booed after winning a girls’ track race.

The winner of a 200-meter dash for girls track runners for the Oregon School Activities Association Track & Field State Championships wasn’t a girl, but a boy named Ayden Gallagher, a high school sophomore who identifies as one. Videos from the track meet went viral online in which people could be seen and heard booing the male athlete.

The videos were shared online by former Olympic swimmer Riley Gaines, an outspoken critic of transgenderism, gaining over two million views on X. In the first video, a crowd in Oregon could be heard cheering for one of the female runners who was leading the race. Right before the finish line, Gallagher pushed ahead and stole that girl’s victory, turning the cheers into boos.

Gaines captioned the video by noting that Gallagher previously placed second in a 400-mile dash, ironically calling the first-place victory in the 200-mile a “proud moment for women’s sports.” She then noted the “audible BOOs” signaling that people are over it.

The second video shows the racers on the winner’s pedestal. When Gallagher’s name was called as the first-place winner, boos could be heard once again. In the caption to that video, Gaine told people to look at how most of the girls applauded for the second-place winner as the rightful winner but did not react to Gallagher’s name at all. “Stop saying girls are okay,” Gaines added, “because they aren’t.” She called the situation “heartbreaking and deeply regressive.”

How much this event signals a turning of the tides remains to be seen, but it isn’t an isolated occurrence. More girls are standing up. A group of shot-putters in West Virginia refused to compete against a thrower who was a trans-identified male. The school banned those girls from competing in future tournaments. West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey personally filed suit on behalf of the girls to challenge the school’s decision.

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