Cyberattack Threatens to Cause Supply Chain Woes

( – Last month, the hackers hit the Clorox Company with a cyber security attack that caused delays in product availability and left a giant impact on the company’s earnings in the first quarter.

According to Fox News Business, delays in processing and a high level of product outages resulted from the cyber attack. Clorox Company disclosed in a regulatory filing that portions of the company’s information tech infrastructure were damaged by unauthorized activity. The damage caused “widespread disruptions” to the company’s operations and resulted in shortages.

The attack was discovered on August 14. After the problem was noticed, “immediate steps” were taken “to stop and remediate” the unpermitted activity, which included shutting down internet access to certain systems. Clorox is now operating at “a reduced rate” as orders are currently placed manually.

A spokesperson for the chemical manufacturer said that it’s still “premature” for a “longer-term impact” to be determined by the company while still in the process of recovering from the cyber attack.

According to reports around the same time, casinos Caesars Entertainment and MGM were hit with similar attacks, and a recent report revealed three other companies were breached during that incident.

Part of the growing concern over the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) systems is how such systems could be used for cyber attacks. Instead of a human behind the keyboard breaching systems illegally, an AI could be trained to crack passwords and firewalls in order to access data or commit other crimes. Such tech in the hands of world leaders raises a lot of questions about the future of warfare and espionage.

Lawmakers in Washington are already discussing the national security threat implications of AI systems, as well as how such systems will change the economy and society as a whole, and what sorts of regulations should the government impose upon the technology.

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