In a preview of our rapidly-decaying future, a Canadian man was accused this week of perpetrating “family violence” when he refused to submit his 14-year-old daughter to testosterone therapy. The child, of course, is a self-proclaimed transgender individual who has, according to local news reports, identified as male since the age of 11. But because the father is not sure about pumping male hormones into his child’s biologically-female body, the teen’s lawyer is trying to get his parental rights taken away.

Of course, one look at this lawyer’s bio – and the insufferable fact that she spells her name without any capital letters – let’s you know what this is all about.

From Attorney barbara findlay’s website: I am a queer feminist lawyer committed to making the law work for all of us. For me, this means everything from preparing cohabitation and separation agreements, to fighting ground breaking equality rights cases, to drafting conception agreements for three parent families planning a child by assisted insemination.

…Uh huh.

“For a transgender person, having the world refuse to accept the gender identity that you say you are is the most profound harm because it’s a denial of your human identity,” findlay said about the case. “Dad’s expression rights end at the point where they harm (the child).”

We wholeheartedly agree with that last bit. We just happen to vehemently disagree that keeping your child from “turning male” is doing harm. But what do we know? We’re just relying on six thousand years of human history and scientific discoveries. You’re coming with at least ten years of gender studies under your belt, Ms. Findlay.

Oh sorry, Ms. findlay.

The case is right now before the British Columbia Appeals Court, where the father is trying to get overturned an earlier ruling that permitted his child to undergo treatment (testosterone therapy) for gender dysphoria. The earlier court determined that the child was “exclusively entitled” to choose such treatment and that the father must address his daughter his male pronouns. Because THIS is what courts are ruling on these days – what PRONOUNS children must be called.

According to findlay, the child’s father “refuses to acknowledge his child by his chosen name or acknowledge his gender identity,” reports the Chronicle-Herald. “In fact, the father has suggested his child is delusional and the victim of sex activists’ agendas and brainwashing.”

Perish the thought!

“His dad doesn’t think that transgender is a thing, that it’s essentially not human,” findlay said.

It’s nothing to do with “humanity.” It’s to do with protecting a child from this monstrous social movement that ignores science and facts (not to mention extraordinary suicide rates among those who transition) in favor of trendy sexual amorality. We feel sorry for everyone involved here – including the queer feminist lawyer barbara findlay, who will undoubtedly realize at some point how tragically she has misspent her life.