Dangerous Heat Intensifies Crisis at the Border

(TotalConservative.com) – Scorching temperatures hit at high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) around the southern U.S. border, impacting travelers, security, and migrants. The intense heat drives folks indoors and scattering from the sunlight.

Maribel Padilla is a member of the Brown Bag Coalition, a group that helps Calexico, California’s less fortunate members. Padilla and her colleagues distributed wet towels and cold beverages to the homeless on the streets to help them cool down. The cold water helped them stay hydrated, and many used the towels to wipe the sweat from their brows and shield themselves from the sun.

In Mexicali, Mexico, right across the border folks refreshed themselves by jumping into pools. A martial arts class rescheduled their outdoor meetup until sunset to avoid the sizzling heat. Many people work outdoors and had little ability to cope with the heat.

Men were sweating through their shirts on both sides of the border as they did outdoor labor like construction, security, or delivery jobs. Those who were able stayed indoors or in the shade provided by buildings and trees.

The heat wave was boosted by the effect of El Nino, an effect in the Pacific Ocean that pushes warm water and air toward the Pacific coast.

The heat wave comes while migrants are still coming over the southern border in record numbers. The latest attempt by Texas to stem the flow by deploying floating buoys in the Rio Grande might violate federal law, and the Department of Justice has already chastised Texas officials.

In a letter dated July 20th, President Biden asked Texas Governor Greg Abbott to have the barriers removed over the concerns they present to navigating the waterway and for humanitarian reasons. Biden also instructed the DOJ to sue should the barriers not be removed immediately. Abbott told Biden in a tweet that he will see him in court over the issue, vowing to maintain the barriers. Abbott said that Texas will utilize its “sovereign authority” to adapt to the crisis which he blamed on the Biden administration.

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