You can already see the writing on the wall. And no, we’re not talking about the great, big, beautiful border wall that Trump will never get the opportunity to build – at least not if the dark forces inside the U.S. intelligence community have their way. We’re talking about the imminent demise of the Trump administration – the first sign of which came Monday with the abrupt resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Unless Trump can contain this internal betrayal – manifesting every day as leaks to the media – we may soon we welcoming President Mike Pence into the Oval Office.

That is, unless they’re targeting him as well.

There may be no legitimate excuse for Flynn to have lied to Pence and the president about his calls to the Russian ambassador, but it is apparent that Trump did not consider it a fireable offense, seeing as how he knew about it since late January. Only after these leaks hit the press did Trump find it necessary to take action. Flynn’s firing was a political escape hatch – not a condemnation of Flynn’s deception.

And frankly, why would Trump fire Flynn? What did he do that was so wrong? Even the intelligence sources who leaked the contents of his conversations to the press admitted there were no promises made. The Russian ambassador brought up the new Obama sanctions and Flynn said the new administration would take a fresh look at them. That’s hardly the stuff of international espionage, much less “treason,” as some excitable liberals have termed it.

Liberals both within the intelligence community and outside of it are spending every waking moment trying to come up with ways to destroy Trump’s presidency, and they don’t care how many careers they have to ruin in the process. They certainly don’t care about the will of the American people, who made it clear on election day that they wanted Donald Trump to be the next president. They only care about protecting the established world order, which Trump threatens to upend.

On November 8th, the voters took the biggest swing against the Establishment in modern American history. But it wasn’t a fatal blow. It was only the opening shots in a long, protracted war. Now the Establishment is ready to fight back.

Well, no one said taking this country back would be easy, did they?