Dark Money Climate Activist Organizations Are Training Biden Officials

(TotalConservative.com) – Far-left environmental activist organizations are infiltrating the Biden administration and running communications training and messaging workshops with federal appointees. Fox News Digital obtained a copy of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s calendar which showed she attended at least one of these training sessions and delivered opening remarks.

Further, the calendar noted that the audience would consist of “political appointees from all climate-related agencies.” The purpose of the training session was to explain “how to message climate work in an impactful and persuasive way.” Related federal agencies include the Departments of Energy, Interior, Agriculture, and Commerce.

Public watchdog Americans for Public Trust found all of this particularly disturbing. Their executive director Caitlin Sutherland wants to know why “dark money groups, bankrolled by a foreign billionaire” are training our public officials. She pointed out that while the government could focus on issues pertinent to the American people, like keeping energy costs down and major chemical spills from occurring, our officials are subjected to lectures by extremists who want to tax carbon.

The organizations that ran the training sessions, Climate Power and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) are notorious for pushing unpopular demands like eliminating fossil fuels. Fox News Digital attempted to discern the individual donors who were funding these groups, but even after examining their tax filings, they couldn’t trace their funding.

Climate Power’s website claims they use “hard-hitting research” to coerce authorities into taking “immediate, bold climate action.” LCV’s website brags about their ability to influence policy in their mission to achieve “a safe climate” under the stewardship of “a just and equitable democracy.” James Lindsay would note all these communist dog whistles being concealed with flowery language that conceals what they’re actually doing.

Climate Power’s original advisory board included John Podesta, who you may recall managed Hillary Clinton’s flopping presidential bid in 2016. Thousands of his emails were leaked to Wikileaks, ultimately contributing to her loss. These organizations have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to influence environmental policy, meanwhile, a massive chemical leak and toxic plume in Ohio seems to be none of their concern.

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