DC Police Will Not Investigate Discovery of Discarded Babies

(TotalConservative.com) – D.C. police are refusing to investigate the discovery of fetal remains outside a Foggy Bottom abortion clinic, claiming their preliminary work indicates the babies were aborted legally. The pro-life activists who discovered the remains believe it’s possible the babies were past the legal limit and were the result of partial-birth abortions.

D.C. Metro Police had previously suggested they were investigating the 2022 discovery of five premature baby bodies found outside the Washington Surgi-Clinic operated by infamous abortion doctor Cesare Santangelo. They updated their comments to the Daily Dot to suggest they weren’t investigating the clinic or its operator but the handling of the bodies by the activists after their discovery.

Indicating that the D.C. police may be more ideologically driven than one would hope for a police department, they described the clinic as a “medical provider” and suggested that there were ongoing investigations into the matter but that they weren’t looking at any potential criminal behavior at the hands of the abortionist or his clinic.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser previously suggested that the real crime here is in how the bodies were handled by the activists who discovered them as if there were no interest in how they got there.

D.C. itself has been very pro-abortion as a jury in the district recently convicted five pro-lifers of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act when they blocked the entrance to a D.C. abortion clinic in 2020.

One of the convicted activists, Lauren Handy is with a group called Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising. She reported viewing an undercover video that allegedly featured Santangelo suggesting he allowed babies to die on the table if they were alive after an abortion procedure. His D.C. clinic has been providing abortions since 1973, and per their website, will abort babies up to 27 weeks. That’s almost 7 months, a time point when many babies can survive after being born prematurely.

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