The American Civil Liberties Union, if they really cared about protecting the civil rights of Americans, would have their hands full these days with the debate over whether or not transgender girls (biological boys, in other words) should be allowed to compete in female sports leagues. This is a clear and obvious violation of the very rights that feminists worked hard to secure. As it turns out, the ACLU is indeed very invested in this fight.

It’s just that their on the wrong side of it.

On Wednesday, the ACLU jumped in feet first with a series of tweets in which they claimed to “debunk myths” about boys competing against girls in sports.

“Trans athletes vary in athletic ability, just like cisgender athletes,” the ACLU tweeted. “In many states, the very same cis girls who have claimed that trans athletes have an unfair advantage have consistently performed as well as or better than transgender competitors.”

The legal group went on to “debunk” the idea that there are biological differences between boys and girls.

“There are no set hormone ranges, body parts or chromosomes that all people of a particular sex or gender have,” the group claimed.

The ACLU said it is particularly cruel to exclude transgender “girls” from female sports because it steals from them “caring environments where teammates are supported by each other and by coaches.”

Replies to the ACLU’s supposed “myths” were not kind.

“You refer to trans girls but ‘cis’ women,” tweeted Jenny Dee. “Are you perhaps just a little bit uncomfortable to be seen advocating for school girls to lose their places on sports teams, on podiums, and scholarships? You bunch of girl & woman hating, science-denying cowards.”

Dan Fisher of Uncommon Ground accused the ACLU of using “lies, misdirections and clever but empty phrases” to deny the simple truth of the obvious, well-documented differences between males and females.

Another Twitter user noted that “there are 300 high school boys that currently run a faster 400 meters than the women’s Olympic record holder.”

The ACLU’s sudden entry into the fray wasn’t completely out of nowhere; their debunking tweets came just as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was ripping into Education Secretary nominee Miguel Cardona about his support for mixing biological boys and girls in sports.

“This kind of thing is going to lead to, really just the vast majority of America just wondering, who are these people that think it’s OK?” Paul said. “From what planet are you from to think it’s OK that boys would compete with girls in a track meet and that somehow would be fair?”

It’s frightening how quickly this pure insanity is becoming normalized. If Americans can be brainwashed to believe that there’s no difference between boys and girls, men and women…what ideas WON’T we accept?