Dem Congressman Calls for Biden Challengers

( – Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota called out to all prospective candidates in his party thinking about running for president, saying they should “take the chance” now while they can and challenge President Joe Biden for the nomination.

On Sunday, Phillips appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and said that although he “adores” the president, he would like to see Biden “pass the torch” on to some newer leaders to fill the role. He said he “would like to see a moderate governor,” specifically “from the heartland” and “one of the four states” required by Democrats to win in 2024.

Phillips then called out to “anybody who wants to run,” naming Joe Manchin and Cornel West as examples, to “take the chance.” He said he’s “actively inviting,” “encouraging,” and “imploring” those “who are ready and know it’s… time” to step up and run.

So far, the Democratic National Committee has thrown its full support behind Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for reelection. The DNC also canceled debates between Biden and his biggest challengers, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson.

Fox News host Lisa Boothe said the Democratic Party would probably dump Biden if they wouldn’t end up “stuck” with Harris. She noted a recent poll that showed about half of Democrat voters wanted another nominee in 2024, and that some polls have been higher. Boothe also said Harris “is the least popular vice president” in U.S. history, “even less” than former Vice President Dick Cheney, even after Cheney shot someone.

Phillips may not get his wish for more Biden challengers, though. Boothe’s co-host, Joe Concha, believes any other Democratic trying to challenge Biden for the nomination would be foolish because the DNC decided to cancel debates with the President.

Concha also said that voters tend to “vote against candidates” now rather than “for them,” and that the Democratic voters will vote for Biden even if they hate him if that’s the candidate the party goes with.

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