Dem Strategist Wishes Biden Wasn’t Running In 2024

( – James Carville, longtime Democratic strategist, isn’t happy about his party’s chosen candidate, and recently admitted he wishes President Joe Biden wasn’t running again and believes many young voters will end up sitting out the election in November.

Carville made an appearance on the 77 WABC radio show “The Cats Roundtable” on Sunday, June 9, and said he wasn’t crazy about Biden as the Democratic Party’s choice.

The Democratic political strategist, who had a hand in former President Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory, admitted that he didn’t think Biden should run again in the first place, but that now it’s down to “him and Trump” again, both of whom he views as a bad choice.

The political analyst argued that an “under-appreciated thing” about the current Democratic Party is full of “enormous” talent and younger prospective candidates. Carville believes some of these candidates would be more appropriate to the times and that younger voters are disenchanted with senior citizens in the White House. In April, he claimed younger Americans were abandoning the Democratic Party “in droves.”

Carville named a few potential leaders in the party that came to mind, such as House Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear. Despite his concern that young voters across the nation “are disengaging” from politics and may be dissuaded from voting for Biden, he said he would ultimately cast his ballot for the president.

Biden’s advanced age has been contested since he entered office in 2021. It seems every week there’s a new gaffe or mishap to report putting the president’s mental and physical health into question, and polls show that most Americans believe he’s too old to serve a second term.

Biden turned 81 last November and will turn 82 shortly after the upcoming election, and if he wins that election and makes it through an entire second term, he will be 86 by the time he leaves the Oval Office. Trump just turned 79 on June 14 and isn’t much younger, although polls show more Americans believe he is mentally and physically fit to do the job.

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