Democrat DA Sues His Own Liberal City Over Rampant Homelessness

( – One district attorney from California has had enough with Democrat pandering to homelessness and vagrancy. Sacramento DA Thien Ho, himself a Democrat, announced on Tuesday, September 19th that his office filed a civil lawsuit against his superiors, claiming the city is in violation of California law by allowing, creating, and enabling the homeless crisis.

He told Fox News that the crisis was exacerbated by decisions made by local authorities. He said he wants a judge and jury to agree with his findings and force the city to enforce the law and protect the safety of its citizens.

Homeless is up 71% in Sacramento since 2019, according to co-anchor Bill Hemmer. Ho responded that the number of daily incidents he hears about is startling. From verbal harassment to physical assaults, public nudity, drug use, and urinating/defecating on public sidewalks – Ho said that homeless people have engaged in violent and erratic behavior, threatening the safety of anyone who comes to the courthouse on official business.

The lawsuit added that in the last seven years, the homeless population has grown over 250% and that there are more homeless in Sacramento than in San Francisco. It also suggested that many of the homeless are living in Third World conditions and that the upstanding members of the community are struggling between expressing compassion for their situation and coping with the inherent chaos that comes with it.

During his press conference announcing the suit, Ho called the situation a “Groundhog’s Day loop” and said there hasn’t been any improvement. He also wants to audit the city’s finances to discover how city leaders have been spending state funds. He said that they’ve received tons of funding from the governor’s office, and yet there hasn’t been any improvement. As such, he wants to know where the money went.

City Attorney Susana Wood commented on the suit, saying that it’s sad that their DA “would rather point fingers” than attempt a partnership for “meaningful solutions,” according to the AP.

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