Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy doesn’t just think Facebook was right in banning Infowars from their platform, he actually thinks the Silicon Valley tech giants should do much more to censor content and keep disagreeable speech off their sites. Already having proven that he’s an enemy of the Second Amendment, the Connecticut senator now proves that he’s no fan of the First Amendment, either.

“Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart,” Murphy wrote on Monday. “These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it.”

Yes, Chris, the SURVIVAL OF OUR DEMOCRACY depends on having a handful of billionaires in California decide what is and isn’t good for us to read on our phones and personal computers. That makes a hell of a lot of sense. We have to wonder if you would be saying the same thing if they banned ThinkProgress or DailyKos from Facebook. Something tells us not.

Say what you will about Infowars, the whole point of the First Amendment is to protect unpopular speech that the government would love to shut down and censor. And don’t give us any of that crap about Facebook being a private company, either. We damn well know what they are. But the fact remains that their stranglehold on content is unprecedented in the history of this country. Millions of Americans go NOWHERE ELSE for their news and information. It is up to Mark Zuckerberg to uphold the values of the country in which his company is based. Not to play King of Censorship to please the Democratic Party.

Secondly, Murphy IS a part of the government, so it is especially disturbing to hear him call for this kind of censorship.

Finally, we know that there are plenty of conservative thinkers who believe that Infowars is a cesspool of conspiracies and ugliness and whatever else. That’s fine. That’s fine for you to think that, as long as you understand that’s what the left thinks about Breitbart, Ben Shapiro, Charles Murray, Jordan Peterson, and the list goes on. Would you be okay if Facebook banned them? What if they banned The Daily Caller? Or Fox News? Would that be okay as well?

Censorship of conservative views has already begun on college campuses across this country. Now it is spreading to the online platforms that make up the largest part of our American internet experience. From there, where does it end? Hate speech laws? Actual government crackdowns?

When it comes to our cherished liberties, we need to speak up now. By the time we can all agree that YES – THAT is a threat to our Constitution!, it may already be too late.