Democrat Representative Plays Defense For Biden

( – In response to calls from GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas and other Republicans to invoke the 25th Amendment, one Democratic representative appeared on Fox News recently to defend President Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, July 3, Democratic Rep. Daniel Goldman of New York responded to calls by Roy and other GOP representatives to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would usher Biden out of office and temporarily replace him with Vice President Kamala Harris until the conclusion of November’s election and the subsequent inauguration of a new president in January 2025. Goldman said people should be focused on “the people around” Biden, his administration and its policies, and the fact that Biden appreciates and protects “the rule of law” and “democracy” while Trump vows “to take down” that system.

Goldman maintains that the president has appeared competent and “vibrant” over the last three-and-a-half years in office and that he’s sure Roy has spent that entire time saying “more or less the same thing” about Biden. The congressman argued what matters most is the “incredibly capable team” Biden has surrounded himself with and that his administration has had “almost no turnover,” something he said could not be said for Trump, noting how many former officials and Cabinet members “refuse to endorse him.”

Earlier in the interview, they discussed Biden’s first debate performance, which Goldman explained away as an “aberration” and an “anomaly.” He added that It is now up to Biden to go out and demonstrate that to everyone. Goldman said Biden cannot just say that he had a “bad night,” but has to “show” the American public he has what it takes to lead.

Critics of the president point out that the Democratic Party is setting the bar so low that the only qualification they even expect for Biden is simply the ability to speak. Gone is any focus on actual policy and campaigning; all Biden is expected to do is perform normally in a debate, and that may not be enough for the average American this time around with so much at stake.

Between the border crisis and rising inflation, a growing number of voters are beginning to feel they simply cannot afford another Biden term even if they may not personally be crazy about Trump.

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