Democrat Says Trump Needs To Be Shot, Then Corrects Herself

( – Political watchers are asking if Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-USVI) revealed what she was really thinking or was it just a minor slip of the tongue when she suggested Donald Trump “needs to be shot,” before instantly correcting herself, saying “stopped.”

Plaskett was giving an interview discussing Trump’s handling of classified documents implying that Trump could have shared the information contained in documents he declassified and took with him as part of his presidential papers package with anyone who came to his resort in Florida. During her rant, she indicated that Trump “needs to be shot-stopped,” before continuing to remind viewers that Trump was “indicted by his peers,” while ignoring the violation of precedent with regard to prosecuting past presidents.

No past president has ever been indicted for crimes related to their performance in office. Famously Hillary Clinton (who wasn’t even the president) had allegations of her mishandling of classified information investigated and then ignored by federal authorities. Barack Obama ordered the extrajudicial killing of Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki, a 16-year-old American citizen who was killed in October 2011 by a drone strike. He was never charged with murder. President Joe Biden himself is currently under scrutiny for the same exact thing as Trump: mishandling classified information, and yet no charges or recommendations for them have come from Biden appointee and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

A key difference between Biden’s and Trump’s cases is that Trump was president when he took documents, whereas Joe Biden was Vice President or a Senator. The president has vast authority to retain documents and declassify information, VPs and Senators do not.

Plaskett didn’t mention any of those details during her tirade and it’s unlikely the Secret Service will investigate her slip of the tongue as a potential threat against the life of a former president. If someone suggested Joe Biden should be “shot-stopped” for his web of money laundering, taking bribes, mishandling of classified documents, or other criminal activity, would authorities be so tolerant?

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