For the first half of 2017, top Democrats were shy when it came to the subject of impeaching President Donald Trump. That reluctance began to fade in the closing months of the year, and more and more Democrats are now willing to come out and bluntly say that their end goal is to get Trump out of the White House by any means necessary. So focused are they on this goal that they may even use it as their primary selling point in the 2018 midterm elections.

Democrats are hopeful that they have political momentum on their side, but they have an uphill climb if they want to take back power in Washington. They’re 24 seats behind in the House of Representatives (where impeachment proceedings must begin) and they are two seats short in the Senate.

But even that paints a rosier picture than Democrats can count on, since they historically have a very tough time getting their voters to care about midterms. It could be said that midterm elections are meant for people who actually pay attention to politics and presidential elections are for those who finally wake up a couple of weeks before the vote. Unfortunately for Democrats, their welfare-dependent/college-student/online-slacktivist mishmash of a “base” falls into the latter category.

At this point, Democrats are beginning to realize that Americans really don’t have much interest in their extreme-left philosophy of governing. To the degree that their voters are even informed enough to have an opinion, they mostly just know that Democrats are the “cool” ones to vote for. All their favorite stars in Hollywood are Democrats, all their favorite professors and black activist leaders are Democrats, so that’s good enough. Americans liked Obama because he seemed like the cool teacher you had in third period. They got caught up in the sizzle and, well, Jon Stewart seemed to like him, so what more do you need? But when it comes to plain old Democrats (like Hillary Clinton), they’re not so eager to find a bus pass to the nearest voting precinct.

For the midterms, Democrats can’t rely on star power to get out the vote. What else do they have? Well, they have Trump. With considerable help from the media, they’ve created an unprecedented sort of anti-president hysteria among their base, and they’re hoping they can ride that wave to victory. Vote for us, and we’ll be able to slay the dragon!

Will it be enough to drag their useless voters out to the polls? We kinda doubt it.