Well, one day you have leaked emails showing how eager the Democratic National Committee was to take advantage of, promote, and even participate in anti-Donald Trump protests, and the next day you have…this.

After all the talk about how the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was going to rock Ohio with the sheer scale and size of the protests outside, the ceremonies took place with relatively little outside rancor. There was a certain amount of disharmony inside the Quicken Loans arena, but the protesters outside were nowhere near as boisterous as they’ve been outside Trump rallies in the past. You know, those same Trump rallies that DNC officials talked about filling out with interns.

As it turns out, the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia is turning out to be the hot spot for left-wing protesters. Inspired by the email leak, which showed the DNC’s obvious bias and loyalty to Hillary Clinton, protesters have swamped the streets in massive numbers to demonstrate their anger at a rigged primary system.

“It’s not just young people who are furious,” said 59-year-old Kimberly Cooper in an interview with the New York Times. “There are people who have been Democrats for decades and are completely angry. Now with the WikiLeaks thing, I am finished supporting her.”

The “her” in question is probably not Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC Chair who has stepped down amidst the controversy. The her is, of course, Hillary Clinton – the woman who is planning to accept the Democratic nomination this week. The truth, though, is that she was crowned the nominee before a single vote was cast. This party had no intention of running a fair primary, and the voters know it.

The majority of the protesters are disgruntled fans of Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist who complained for months that Wasserman Schultz and the Superdelegate system itself were preventing the people from having a strong voice in their own government. They are, in some ways, a mirror reflection of the disenfranchised conservatives who chose Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. These are leftists sick and tired of Democrats who claim publicly to support progressive principled while secretly taking millions from Wall Street banks.

On both sides of the aisle, this has been a year for cleaning out the charlatans. Republicans successfully managed to send the establishment a message while Democrats were unable to overcome a predetermined outcome.

But in November, we have a chance to unite and send that message as one American whole: No more!

Sanders supporters: Vote Trump and save the country. Don’t let this corrupt family called The Clintons get their hands on the wheel again.