You probably remember all the fun the left had with George W. Bush’s tendency to misspeak in public – especially when he dropped this doozy in Nashville in 2002. “There’s an old saying in Tennessee,” he said. “I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee, that says: Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me…you can’t get fooled again.”

W’s presidency was filled to the brim with these little Bushisms, which made Will Ferrell’s job on Saturday Night Live all the easier. But when it comes to this specific quote, maybe the reason the left thought it was so funny was not only because he mangled the quote, but because they really had no idea what he was getting at in the first place. Because if there’s one thing the left is expert at, it’s getting fooled again and again and again.

Democrats were shocked in 2016 when they did a deep dive into the demographics and found that Hispanic voters actually preferred Donald Trump (THE TERRIBLE) to Mitt Romney in 2012. How could that be? Didn’t they hear what he said about Mexicans? Don’t they know he’s racist against brown people?

Well, no, they don’t know that. Only liberals and the media “know” that to be true, because it isn’t. Trump has never given the slightest indication that he has a racist bone in his body, and closely-observing Latinos know it. Furthermore, many American Hispanics resent being thrown into this category where “of course” they would support Democrats because, after all, Democrats don’t care to do anything about illegal immigration. The truth is that a great many Hispanics resent illegal immigrants even moreso than whites. They don’t want to compete for jobs with these people, and they are furious that they took the time to come here the RIGHT way while these illegals just slid in through the backdoor.

But here we go, the midterms are approaching, and Democrats are once again baffled as to why Latinos aren’t breaking down the voting booth to come elect them.

NBC reports:

More than three years after Trump launched his presidential campaign by railing against Mexican “rapists” streaming over the border, Democratic hopes and Republican fears that the growing population of Latinos would give Democrats a permanent advantage have yet to materialize.

Nationally, Latino voters favor a Democratic Congress over a Republican one by 64-21 percent, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal Telemundo poll last month. But self-reported interest in the election is low, according to the same survey, and the picture in some individual races looks even worse for Democrats.

The NBC story doesn’t even consider the possibility that Hispanics might actually like Trump to some degree; instead, they simply blame the problem on general apathy or a distrust of the political system. That allows the Democrats off the hook – they don’t have to confront the possibility that their “racism” rhetoric against Trump just isn’t working because it just isn’t true.

Unfortunately for the left, it also ensures that they will get fooled again.