Several articles in the media this week show how leaders in the Democratic Party do not have the courage of their convictions. As some of their more radical members – Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep, Brad Sherman, etc. – start pushing for impeachment, the figures at the top of the party are suddenly beginning to wonder if they have started something they can’t finish. It’s one thing to talk around the edges of impeachment, it’s another thing to actually try to make it happen. For the former, all you need is innuendo, anonymous sources, and biased news articles. That’s enough to get the liberal base fired up enough to rant at town halls, vote, and…well, do what James Hodgkinson did last Wednesday.

But for the latter, you need two things that Democrats do not have: Evidence and Republican Party support.

And because they don’t have these things, party leaders know that any attempt to impeach Trump will end in abject failure and embarrassment. So they’re pushing back on the so-called fringe elements in the party – the elements that actually believe what the top Democrats have been saying, in other words – and trying to get them to pipe down so they don’t ruin what has been a goldmine in political propaganda. Don’t kill the golden goose, in other words. They want to milk this all the way into the 2018 elections…and beyond, if they can possibly do so.

But now the natives are getting restless. Last week, Rep. Al Green introduced articles of impeachment into the House, hoping to either get the ball rolling or at least get his name mentioned in a few national news articles.

“Obstruction of justice by the president is the problem,” Green said last week. “Impeachment by Congress is the solution.”

Yes…except you have no proof that the president obstructed justice. And, as far as we can know or tell from the testimony of James Comey and Jeff Sessions, we’re not even sure if we would CALL it obstruction if Trump asked for an end to the investigation. If you obstruct a phony, politically-motivated investigation, are you really standing in the way of justice? Sounds to us like Trump is the only one actually pursuing justice.

Eventually, the liberal base – rabid and mad from months of lunatic news coverage – is going to turn around and bite their own representatives. They’re going to wonder, Say, if there’s a Russian traitor in the White House, why haven’t you done anything about it? And when that time comes, the Democrats are going to get the failure that’s coming to them.

Hell, might as well give impeachment a go right now and get it over with.