Praise be, this has been quite the week for liberal self-realization. Yesterday, we talked about the still-hard-to-believe New York Times editorial that delved into the true nature of the women at the forefront of the progressive movement – who would have ever been ready for that hallowed newspaper to call Linda Sarsour out for who she really is? Maybe just one editor, but still! That’s how it starts. That’s how reason and sanity begin creeping back into a movement that has lost both. And just as we were beginning to digest that, we have a Senate Democrat doing the unthinkable: Standing up for President Donald Trump! And no, it’s not Joe Manchin!

In an interview with The Daily Beast on Thursday, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia said it was “absolutely” troubling to see leaks of Trump’s private phone calls with two world leaders be published in the virtual pages of the Washington Post. Warner, who is the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has not been shy in his criticism of the president. But even he was able to get outside his partisan bubble for a moment and see how destructive these leaks could be for our presidency – long after Trump’s two terms are over.

“A president of the United States, a governor, would tell us they’ve got to be able to have confidential conversations,” said Warner. “And I think it was disgraceful that those came out.”

Knowing he was in danger of having his membership at the Democratic Party’s country club revoked, Warner assured the Daily Beast that the leaks were “reflective of a chaotic White House.”

But still, he said it deserved congressional investigation.

“Whether that is Intel or Judicial looking into it, somebody ought to,” he concluded.

Thankfully, Warner is not the only liberal who sees the truth about these leaks. The transcripts of Trump’s phone calls with the Mexican and Australian leaders may have provided the left with some lackluster fodder for about a day and a half, but they certainly didn’t further the progressive cause in any meaningful way. This was diversion. This was popcorn entertainment for liberals who have become addicted to refreshing their browsers every five minutes for their next fix of Trump Newz. And some Democrats who have retained their senses are beginning to see – if only slightly – how far off the path of normal democracy these leakers (and journalists) are taking us…and for what? To what end? What goal was achieved by these leaks that was worth undermining the trust of every foreign leader in the world, who will now wonder if HIS conversation with the president will wind up on the front page of the Post?

But we’re not confident that these appeals to the left’s better nature will work. Thus, Trump and his government will have to make a harsh example out of someone. The FBI has already begun the process of charging that Bernie supporter who leaked NSA docs, and they need to make the individual who leaked these transcripts their next target. It’s time to enforce the law.