Democrats Furious WIth Biden D.C. Crime Bill Reversal

( – President Joe Biden signed a resolution to end a Washington, D.C. crime bill. Many fellow Democrats are furious with the president as they were under the impression he would veto the resolution and defend the bill.

173 House Democrats who voted for the bill, under the impression that Biden would veto the resolution rather than sign it, were shocked by the news of Biden’s decision on Thursday.

The resolution was composed in response to the Washington D.C. City Council’s overhaul of the criminal code approved last November which was vetoed by Mayor Muriel Bowser in January who said it would “exacerbate the already stretched capacity of the court system” as well as “reduce maximum criminal penalties for violent crimes like carjacking and robberies.” Bowser’s veto was later overridden by the Council.

During his announcement, Biden said he supported statehood for D.C. and “home-rule” yet he did not support “some of the changes D.C. Council put forward over the Mayor’s objections” including “lowering penalties for carjackings.” The president then said if the Senate votes to overturn the D.C. Council’s changes, he would sign it.

One congressman, who wished to remain anonymous, gave some particularly harsh comments to The Hill through text message, stating that Biden and the White House “f***ed this up royally.” He also said “a lot of us who are allies voted no in order to support what the White House wanted” because they were under the impression from House Democratic leadership that the president would veto the resolution and now felt they were being “hung out to dry.”

The congressman called it “F***ING AMATEUR HOUR,” and said that “HEADS SHOULD ROLL OVER AT THE WHITE HOUSE” over the decision.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted in response to Biden that “this ain’t it,” saying that if the president really believes D.C. has the right to self-governance and if he “supports DC statehood, he should govern like it” by respecting “the people’s gov of DC just as he does elsewhere.”

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