According to a story in McClatchy DC, Democrats are beginning to put aside the innuendo and get right into the heart of their ultimate goal: The impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. The site’s insiders spoke to several Democrats, including Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, who – while they wouldn’t come right out and say they were moving forward with proceedings – appeared just about ready to pull the trigger.

“We should maybe have an impeachment clock,” Pocan told McClatchy. “And if we did, I think yesterday moved us about an hour close to having that need.”

Pocan suggested that if Democrats began threatening impeachment, it could perhaps encourage the Trump administration to act within the boundaries of the law.

“I would argue this has got to still be on the table as an option, especially if, indeed, there was obstruction of justice by the firing of the FBI director,” he said.

The site pointed out that a major liberal activist group, Democracy for America, told its members this week that by firing James Comey, Trump had plunged into “a repeat of Richard Nixon’s most notorious actions during the Watergate scandal” and made a call for impeachment.

Finally, new DNC chairman Tom Perez said Wednesday in front of the White House that Trump’s actions were “actually worse than the Saturday night massacre,” a reference to Nixon’s firing of Justice Department prosecutors who were closing in on the Watergate scandal.

“When you follow the facts to where the facts lead you, I think it’s going to be clear that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to affect the results of this election,” Perez said. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Comey got fired.”

With a significant minority in the House of Representatives, Democrats won’t be able to bring impeachment charges against the president on their own, and there’s no apparent appetite on the Republican side. Until there is, this is just so much political posturing, which the Democrats have been doing for months.

Unfortunately for them, they’re still missing something bigger than Republican support: Any EVIDENCE that Trump colluded illegally and unethically with Russian actors in the 2016 campaign. And until they can produce that evidence, they are just digging themselves into a hole. When the 2018 election season begins, their voters may wonder why they’ve been unable to back up their allegations.