For years, Democrats tried to have their cake and eat it too. Oh, we believe in the sanctity of life, surely! And yes, abortion is a terrible choice that we wouldn’t wish on any mother! Why, did you know that most women who have an abortion go on to become wonderful mothers in the future? They are just in a tough spot, and we shouldn’t take their liberties away from them. After all, wouldn’t you rather they make this painful decision with their doctor and not have it made for them by a bunch of straight, white old men in Washington? We’re just trying to do what’s best – for the mother AND the baby.

But recently, that façade has begun to fall. Planned Parenthood has rolled out billboard campaigns encouraging women to speak out loudly and proudly about their abortions. Feminists have changed their tune, insisting that there is nothing “life”-like about an unborn fetus. It’s just a cluster of meaningless cells. And Democrats have pushed and pushed for legislation that will remove even the slightest limitations on a woman’s “constitutional” right to have an abortion.

If things were already sliding towards oblivion, this past week we saw the slide turn into an avalanche. First, New York put a bill into law that makes it one of the most extreme states in the country in terms of abortion freedoms. Then, before he was swamped by a blackface controversy, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam gave a bizarre interview in which he mused over a scenario in which a birthed child could be made “comfortable” while the mother and doctor discuss whether or not to keep it alive. The difference between abortion and infanticide, if ever there was one, was utterly washed away by these remarks.

Remarks which, we must add, got precious little pushback from within the Democratic Party. Every politician in Washington came out to condemn Northam for a 35-year-old yearbook picture, but name us a single Democrat who told him to resign after he essentially advocated for murdering a baby. That alone tells you everything you need to know about the left’s moral abyss.

The bill that Northam was defending would make it legal for a doctor to abort in the third trimester if the continuation of the pregnancy threatened to “impair the mental or physical health of the women.”

Really? The mental health of the mother? That’s where we are now? That’s sufficient cause to vacuum up a nearly-complete human infant?

To say it is reprehensible is to make a mockery of language. There are no words to describe this kind of monstrosity. And yet here it is, front and center, and headed straight for the Democratic Party mainstream. Unreal.