Democrats in recent weeks have lost all faith in our constitutional republic. The election of Donald Trump was the first gust of wind in this direction, of course, but it was supposed to be Trump himself who was going to take a sledgehammer to our Constitution and our “norms” in an effort to prop himself up as America’s first dictator. Instead, it is the left, increasingly angry and unhinged, that wants to accuse the entire crooked system for being responsible for their woes.

They want to do away with the Electoral College. They want to expand the number of Supreme Court seats to 11, so they can have their liberal majority back. They want to change the way we draw our congressional districts. They want to do away with the 2-senators-per-state system. Why? Because until these things change, they can’t win.

Which is not a terribly powerful argument for a complete overhaul of the federal government.

These constitutional provisions have served the country well since its founding, and we don’t remember the left ever putting up much of a stink about it until they stopped winning elections. Now, seeing all they worked for in the Obama years coming unraveled under President Trump, they suddenly want to do away with the Constitution and start fresh. Until California has the power to say what the rest of the country does, the system is unfair and imbalanced. Never mind that California is, at this point, more Mexico than United States…

The catch-22 for the left is obvious: They have to actually gain control of all three branches of the federal government in order to enact their changes. But they can’t do that until their changes are implemented. Well, that’s what they say, anyway. Just listen to the Huffington Post, already making excuses for the midterm elections.

“Democrats are increasingly confident they’ll take back the House after the midterm elections,” they wrote this week. “But if the politicians and pundits are wrong, there may be one simple reason why: gerrymandering.”

Of course, if Democrats were to suddenly win a couple of wave elections and find themselves back in control of the levers of government, these issues would immediately stop being part of their platform. Well, maybe not the bit about the Supreme Court, which they would love to pack in favor of their ideology. But we don’t anticipate the next Democratic federal government abolishing the Electoral College or even making a mild effort to do so. This is nothing more than an excuse to make liberals feel good about themselves and to explain what they see as utterly inexplicable: The fact that most of America doesn’t LIKE their ideas.